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Custom Branded PPE Suppliers

Branded, Personalised and Printed PPE

Our comprehensive collection of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) includes a wide variety of branded PPE, personalised PPE, and printed PPE workwear, each designed to ensure safety and highlight your businesses’ identity for working in high-risk environments.

As a reputable ppe supplier, we work closely with trusted manufacturers including: Portwest, Premier, ProRTX High Visibility, Regatta High Visibility, Result Core, Result Safeguard, Result Workguard, Stanley Workwear, TriDri®, Uneek & Yoko

We supply various types of personal protective equipment and workwear, such as: safety helmet, protective eyewear like safety glasses & safety goggles, face masks, knee pads & general hi vis workwear.

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Check out our collection of PPE that harmoniously unite comfort and style. Among our offerings are Safety Vests, Women's PPE and Men's PPE. Some of our highly-regarded picks are:

ProRTX High Visibility Waistcoat

The high visibility waistcoat is a workwear essential.

Yoko Hi-vis 2-band-and-braces waistcoat

Most popular high visibility waistcoat with hook and loop front fastening and self coloured piping.

Yoko Multifunctional executive hi-vis waistcoat

Fantastic multi-Functional Executive Waistcoat with zip front fastening, two front hook and loop fastening pockets also accessible from the side.

Personal Protective Equipment with Custom Branding

Branded PPE is more than just protective gear; it's also a representation of your organisation's commitment to safety. By choosing personalised PPE items you show your company's logo, create a powerful brand presence and show your business takes a professional and safe approach. From hard hats to safety vests, our branded PPE ensures that your team is not only well-protected but also easily identifiable in busy areas. Your people are comprehensively protected while maintaining a professional and consistent look.

Our branded PPE includes a range of high-visibility vests for children, ensuring they are safe and seen, on trips out of school or for the walk there.

Embroidered and Printed PPE Workwear

Printed PPE workwear serves the dual purpose of protecting your people and your professional branding. It's about making your safety gear a home for your brand identity as much as any other piece of your workwear. Your logo, company name, or a specific message can be prominently displayed on various PPE items.

From high-visibility vests with your company's name to face shields with your logo, our printed PPE workwear means your team is safe and that your brand is showcased with professionalism.

Our PPE collection caters to a wide range of safety and branding needs, from branded PPE for a strong company identity to personalised PPE that adds a personal touch to safety gear, and printed PPE workwear that unites functionality and branding. Explore our collection to find the perfect PPE solutions that match your safety and brand identity requirements, all while providing the quality and protection that your team requires.

Personalised PPE Suppliers UK

As a leading supplier of personalised PPE in the UK, we sell protective equipment tailored to your business's unique branding needs. Our customisable PPE products include innovative options that comply with safety standards whilst serving as an extension of your brand identity. From custom-printed hard hats featuring your logo to speciality items like anti-static vests, our services offer protection and enhance corporate visibility.

Our dedicated team ensures that each item accurately reflects your brand, advising on the most effective customisation techniques for different materials and PPE types. Whether you're looking to outfit a small team or require a comprehensive solution for a large workforce, our extensive catalogue of brandable PPE makes us a preferred choice for personalised PPE in the UK.

PPE Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What types of PPE items are available for branding in your collection?

Our PPE collection includes a diverse range of safety gear, such as hard hats, safety vests, eyewear, and more. These items can be branded with your company's logo or other design elements, ensuring both safety and a strong brand presence.

Can I personalise PPE items with specific instructions or individual names?

Yes, we offer personalisation options that allow you to add specific instructions, individual names, or initials to PPE items. Personalised PPE not only enhances safety but also creates a sense of individuality and brand ownership among team members.

What methods are used for branding and personalisation on PPE?

Most of our PPE can be printed on, depending on your specific design preferences. Printing ensures durability and visibility on the safety gear.

Does your PPE meet safety standards?

Yes, all PPE items in our collection meet or exceed safety standards and regulations. Safety is our top priority, and we ensure that the PPE we offer provides the necessary protection for high-risk environments.

How do I place an order for branded or personalised PPE?

Placing an order for branded or personalised PPE is easy. Simply select the PPE items you need, provide us with your design specifications, and you’ll be guided through the customisation process. We strive to make the ordering process seamless, ensuring that your branded or personalised PPE is delivered in a timely manner while meeting your safety and branding requirements.