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Difference between Fairtrade, Organic, and Sustainable standards.

At Brand Identity we’ve received many emails asking about the difference between organic, Fairtrade, and sustainable certification and standards for apparel. So with this blog post I hope to make the difference clear. Organic Organic standards are focused at the environmental level. And most organic standards evaluate the level of human intervention in agriculture. And It looks to limit and restrict the amount of pesticide used in the agricultural process. Brands which are organic will use fabrics produced using purely natural methods. Non-organic methods use pesticides, to stop insects damaging... Read More

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Bar & Restaurants – Back to Business

After months of lockdown and quarantine, we hope to eventually return to normality at some point in 2021. Bars and restaurants more than anyone else. But if they hope to rebound and recover effectively we have to plan ahead and prepare for the changes inflicted by Covid-19. Health & Safety 0ne of the biggest changes in the industry during the pandemic has been the accelerating popularity of food delivery. People haven’t been able to eat out, this coupled with the fear of exposure and contamination makes the reestablishment of diners... Read More

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Responsible Brands

We are going to have a further look at sustainable and responsible brands we’re proud to offer at Brand Identity. As discussed in our last blog, purchasing practices and priorities are changing as GenZ and Millennial generations take a more prominent role as consumers. These buyers prioritise sustainable brands and products. In this blog were going to continue to highlight how and why a brand should take advantage of the shift: Totally recyclable and reusable packaging Consumers look to brands to take the lead in reducing packaging whilst providing more... Read More

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The brand benefits of sustainable uniforms

Ethical and sustainability issues remain a key driver for almost a third of consumers. These shoppers pursue a more sustainable lifestyle, and expect this to be reflected in the brands they buy. These Purpose-driven consumers select brands based on how closely they align with their personal values — brands that are willing to follow through with sustainability goals and commitments, changing how they operate. These consumers will even pay more for brands who meet these demands. More and more consumers are making this effort to maintain a more sustainable lifestyle,... Read More