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Hi Vis Workwear

Hi Vis Workwear

Welcome to our comprehensive collection of high-visibility workwear. It’s designed to ensure the safety of your workforce but it can also to amplify your brand’s presence. Our hi vis workwear collection is engineered to stand out in low-light and high-traffic environments, reducing the risk of accidents and enhancing overall workplace security. Choose Jackets, Polos, T-Shirts, and Vests from quality brands whose business it is to meet necessary safety standards. Including Portwest, Yoko, Regatta and Pro RTX.

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Hi Viz YellowNavy
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Portwest Eco Hi-vis short sleeve polo Bestseller
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HiVis Yellow / NavyYellow
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Orange / BlackYellow / Black
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Yellow / Navy
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Check out our extensive range of Hi Vis, seamlessly merging comfort and fashion. Our collection includes Hi Vis Vests, Men's Hi Vis and Women's Hi Vis. Among our customer favorites are:

Yoko Hi-vis pull-over hoodie

Our pull-over hoodie is a new and casual look to the Yoko brand.

Yoko Multifunctional executive hi-vis waistcoat

Fantastic multi-Functional Executive Waistcoat with zip front fastening, two front hook and loop fastening pockets also accessible from the side.

Yoko Hi-vis 2-band-and-braces waistcoat

Most popular high visibility waistcoat with hook and loop front fastening and self coloured piping.

Choosing Our Hi Vis Work Clothing

Safety is paramount in any working environment. Our hi vis workwear boasts a choice of vibrant colours and reflective strips that significantly improve visibility, making it an essential choice for industries such as construction, working on or near roads and logistics. With our quality hi vis workwear, you're protecting your team and investing in the potential to reduce accidents.

The Benefits of Customisable Hi Vis Workwear

At Brand Identity we know that safety is crucial, but so is your branding. That's why our hi vis garments can be personalised with your company's logo, slogans or other branding elements. By doing so, you're not just ensuring their safety, but also turning your workforce into brand ambassadors.

Printing and embroidery on our hi vis workwear offers more than just branding. It provides a sense of unity among staff and creates a professional appearance for those working alongside your team. Our customisation options guarantee that your brand elements remain vibrant and intact, even after multiple washes and exposure to tough working conditions. You're investing in a cost-effective, long-lasting solution for reinforcing your brand recognition.

Empower Your Workforce

Our customisable hi vis workwear doesn't just promote safety and branding – it creates team un  ity and one that's aligned with your company's mission. Explore our collection today and take the first step towards a safer and stronger workplace.

Are there specific regulations for hi vis workwear?

Yes, many industries have specific regulations regarding the type and level of visibility required for workwear. Our hi vis garments are designed to meet these regulations, ensuring that your team remains compliant and safe while on the job. Check with your industry guidelines to see the required standards.

Should I choose hi-vis workwear for my team even if it’s not legally required?

Hi vis workwear is essential for ensuring the safety of your workforce, especially in low-light or high-traffic environments. The vibrant colours and reflective strips make your employees easily visible, reducing the risk of accidents. It's a proactive step towards creating a secure working environment.

How can customising clothes benefit my business?

Customisation through our printing or embroidery allows you to incorporate your company's logo, slogans, and branding elements onto hi vis workwear. This not only reinforces your brand identity but also turns your team into professional-looking brand ambassadors, increasing your brand recall in various settings.

Can I order hi vis workwear in bulk for my team?

We offer the flexibility to order hi vis workwear in bulk, ensuring that all members of your team are equipped with the necessary safety gear while maintaining a consistent brand image. Contact our team to discuss your specific requirements and get a tailored solution for your workforce.