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How would you like your customers to perceive your business? That is a big question, and a very important one! We understand how important your branding is and want to make sure your clothing represents you and your company's values the best it can.

There are many different methods of clothing personalisation, you will have seen them all at some point but which one is best suited for your logo? Here is what we provide.

  • Embroidery
  • DTF printing
  • Screen printing

We also offer;

  • Folding & bagging
  • Kimble tagging
  • Packing per individual
  • Label changing
  • Next day delivery


Brand Identity provide a professional embroidery service, all work is carried out in our factory in Southend on Sea using high quality machinery and only the best quality Madeira threads to make sure your logo is reproduced to it's potential.

An embroidered or 'stitched' logo is the most popular type of decoration we offer, it involves turning your design from a Jpeg into a format that our industrial embroidery machines can understand. This process is know as digitising, something that all new designs will need in order to be embroidered.

We offer FREE digitising (1 chest size logo) if you place your order online. Generally we charge £15.00 for the set up of a new embroidery design. 
Set up of a full back design for embroidery is £40.00 - maximum size for this is 250x240mm. If you would like a back embroidery please give us a call to discuss. 

Once your design is set up and you have approved the thread colours we embroider your items as per your chosen position, this gives your item an incredibly professional finish that will last a long time.

Embroidery benefits

  • Hard wearing & long lasting
  • Multiple colour designs at no extra cost
  • Suitable for most types of material including fleece
  • High perceived value
  • Fine text from 5mm high
  • New machines are able to stitch onto light weight materials
  • Colour blending/fading is possible with up to 15 colors
  • Maximum design size of 25cm across
  • Suitable for all types of material

DTF Transfer 

Direct to Film transfers, or DTF printing, have created an innovative printing technique that is cost-effective, and provides high-quality, colorful images for decorating your items. DTF transfers produce vibrant and durable single or full-color images for use on garments of just about any size or material. 

These offer an excellent choice for most types of printing, they come out much bolder and crisper than screenprint and involve less in the way of set up charges. Perfect for small or large runs of any design. 

The maximum print size is 330mm across depending on the individual design. Your pre-production visual will confirm exact print sizes for your order along with your positioning and colour.

Artwork is required as an .eps or editable pdf file. If you don't have this format we can re-draw using the best quality artwork you have available.

Screen printing

Ideal for high runs of large detailed designs, screen printing is a process where your design is separated into individual colours so that a mesh screen can be created for each colour. The ink is then forced through the mesh onto the garment one colour at a time until the full design has been printed.

Whilst setting up the job is very time consuming once it is running up to 500 items per hour can be printed making it very cost effective on large orders even when the screen charges are added in. Maximum print area is around 350 x 450mm but is dependent on individual items. As always we will provide a PDF visual with design size, colours and positions for you to approve.

The minimum quantity for screen printing is 100 items, the set up cost or 'screen charge' is £20 per colour.

Packing options

How would you like your order to be packed? If you're handing out to large group of people who will be wearing the items right away then we would recommend our standard service of bale in sizes so you have less packaging to deal with, this is the most sustainable option. 

Are you selling the items in a shop or on a website? In which case having the items individually folded and bagged will keep them clean and provide a nice presentation for your staff, member or customer.

If you are ordering multiple items for your staff and need to hand to each person or new starters individually then we would recommend that we pack per persons name. It can save you a lot of time and space if each bag already has your staff's name on it together with all of their items.

If you have an epos system with barcodes for each line we can kimble tag your items so they can be scanned when you receive the order in. 

Changing the neck label in your garments can make your item appear to be completely bespoke and adds extra value to your branding, we can change the labels in your products. Some items come with tear out labels as standard these can simply be pulled out so we can print your details in their place.

For any of the above services please contact us for pricing and lead times.