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AWDis Just Ts serves a stellar lineup of comfortable t-shirts designed for everyday wear. Whether you’re after a classic fitting tee or a vest top for the summer, Just Ts by AWDis has more options than you could shake a stick at.

Shop Just Ts by AWDis from Brand Identity.


Personalise AWDis Just Ts with Brand Identity

Brand Identity is your go-to for transforming AWDis Tees into something uniquely yours. With expert printing and embroidery services, we make each AWDis Just Ts product to fit your personal or professional branding needs.

Why choose AWDis Just Ts?

Adhering to the highest of standards, Just Ts by AWDis boasts prime quality:

Everyday Comfort

We design tees for all-day wear with top-notch materials to keep you comfortable.

Endless Styles

Tri-blend fabrics, exciting colours and varied fits give endless options to fit your style.

A Fit for Everyone

Our extensive size range, detailed in the Just Ts size guide, promises a fit for all body types.

Who is AWDis Just Ts made for?

Small Business Owners

No other range of blank t-shirts on the market can top AWDis Just Ts on fit, sizing, colour or affordability. A prime choice for branded work uniforms, AWDis tees are fully customisable with printing and embroidery options for logos and designs.

Everyday Fashion Enthusiasts

For those who value comfort and style in their daily wear, AWDis Just Ts offers versatile designs that transition effortlessly from a casual day out to an evening meet-up.

Creative Professionals

Perfect for artists and designers, these t-shirts are a blank canvas for creative expression, whether through silk-screening, tie-dye, or custom prints.

Corporate and Casual Events

AWDis Just Ts are ideal for corporate events, giving teams a unified look, or for casual gatherings where a touch of personal style goes a long way.

AWDis Just Ts provides quality and comfort, with the versatility needed for nearly any occasion, making them a solid choice for anyone looking to enhance their wardrobe.