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The brand benefits of sustainable uniforms

Ethical and sustainability issues remain a key driver for almost a third of consumers. These shoppers pursue a more sustainable lifestyle, and expect this to be reflected in the brands they buy.

These Purpose-driven consumers select brands based on how closely they align with their personal values — brands that are willing to follow through with sustainability goals and commitments, changing how they operate. These consumers will even pay more for brands who meet these demands.

More and more consumers are making this effort to maintain a more sustainable lifestyle, influencing their perception of brands and thus their purchasing decisions.

Research shows almost half of consumers stopped buying grocery brands, and almost a third stopped buying beauty or personal care brands due to ethical and sustainability concerns. And these customers will as a result prefer brands who demonstrate more sustainable and environmentally friendly practices (Deloitte).

So it’s more important than ever for brands to take the measures to ensure they meet the expectations of a more discerning customer. And an important way businesses can do this involves the the garments and uniforms they wear.

Many brands now offer affordable, organic, and sustainable range to kit out your workforce with. Using your workwear to show you care. I’m just going to outline a few.

Regatta Professional Honestly Made:  Aware of the growing demands on organisations, Regatta provide a hardworking and reliable range of sustainable workwear. Their honestly made range is derived from plastic bottles collected from recycling centres which are processed and spun into threads. As a result, their garments including the full zip microfleece and 3-in-1 jacket is made from 100% recycled plastics.

Result Genuine recycled: Result works with certified partners PETual©, TOPGREEN® and REPREVE® to develop garments and workwear which are as close to 100% recycled as possible, producing padded hi-vis safety jackets using sustainable alternative to more conventional materials.

Ecologie by AWDIs: AWDIs entire approach is sustainability led. Not only do they use 100% organic cotton, their materials are certified vegan. – 100% free of any animal ingredients. And all orders shipped in zero-plastic packaging, only using reprocessed cardboard.

Stanley / Stella:  They work only with 100% recycled material and organic cotton. They form close ties with suppliers and partners to ensure raw materials are grown and produced in a way which harms neither the plants or people. They avoid using pesticides, insecticides and chemical fertilizers which means soil, water, flora and fauna is healthier and cleaner.

Sustainability is a priority to all these brands, informing the decisions made at every stage of the production process. And each is available at Brand Identity. Embroider or print your logo on a more ethical/sustainable garment and reap the brand benefits for your business.

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